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my little sister Sarah is not a dummy

the punch line (for those who can’t hear it is) :

jon: “why do you have so many dummy books?”

sarah: “for educational purposes”

jon: (read out the book names) – are you a dummy?

sarah: “no…. not after i read those books”

hahahahah – obviously, my laughter reveals how funny i thought that was

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a visual representation of wealth of knowledge accumulated after five years at ubc

Those sure are a lot of books (and they don’t even include the many i re-sold!!!)


And yet after all these years I don’t really feel that much smarter.

You ever heard the saying that university doesn’t really teach you the subjects but rather it teaches you HOW to learn?

I’ve heard so many engineers say that about engineering.

“engineering didn’t teach me much, but it did teach me how to learn”

<sarcasm> REEALLYY?? REally?!?!? (i almost want to break out into an SNL “really” skit) Did it really teach you how to learn? </sarcasm>

screw it, it’s so good i’m just gonna post it, haha:

Cause, I feel that all engineering taught me was how to get the best grade for the lest effort. It taught me that skipping classes is okay. It taught me how the art of writing examinations, not how to actually learn the information.

It taught me how to cram an entire course’s subject matter into my brain and write it to the exam, hoping none of it leaked on the way to the exam room (cause i’d always be late for the exam, so i was afraid the running to my exam hall might cause the schrodinger equation and lagrangian multipliers to become permanently dislodged from my brain. sorry. geek talk).

we call it “upload, download, purge”… upload information to my brain. download it to the test. purge it for the next test.

But i’m being quite sadistic here, there were some pros to university for sure. free food and swag are great. the facilities (for studying that is) were also fine – ( sports and recreation were another thing. on a tangent – WHY does UBC have only two squash courts that look like remind me of a horror movie from somewhere, and yet UC have tons of high-quality, amazing to look at squash/raquetball courts? but of course, now that the “olympics” are here, everything comes bulldozed down for the long-overdue expansions)

no really, 50 000 dollars and five years later gave me opporunities. I would never have experienced some of mybest times, best people, friends i’ll still have for a while, experiences i’ll never forget, job experiences i probably never would have had (though, no school knowledge was ever actually needed at these jobs),  if it wasn’t for university.

And I guess for that, it was worth it.

Oh yeah I also got a certificate… somewhere. I’ll have to find it first.