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Handsome REWARD for blue-squared questions mark!!

<wild west theme>

Howdy folks,

As the Sheriff of Jonville, I’d like to infrom our citizens and guests that there have been sightings of the dreaded blue-squared question mark. We have used our ingenious resources and hard-working team to create this accurate rendition in the WANTED poster.

Screen shot 2009-10-31 at 12.52.23 PM

There is no need to panic. I report, DO NOT PANIC.

Now, these marks have only been noted by those who use the Safari Browser, and can be hard to catch (a quick refresh usually removes them), but they are nonetheless scary & lethal.

Citizens, keep your distance!

However, to best rid our fair town of these marks, we would ask all citizens and guests to report any sightings immediately, by taking screenshots and noting which posts they are reading and browser they are using.

Thank you.

</ wild west theme>

Translation: I would really appreciate any help to see if any of my viewers (yes all 10 of them) are getting these blue-squared question marks? I wrote about them in this post.

You can imagine it’s a little ironic (& equally embarrassing) since I’m writing about other companies who don’t pay attention to how their website looks. Touché.


– Jon

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An Epic Fail: How to make a $150+ 500 Gb portable external hard drive suck

I bought a WD “my passport” that had some great features.

  • It was smaller than my wallet
  • Needed no external power, but ran off one USB connection to my computer
  • It was 500 GB for crying out loud
  • It had a great design

However, WD missed one small thing: the USB cable is not a regular mini USB.

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Best Buy (& other big box retailers) – make sure your ads work!!!!

I wrote a quick post about how a staples ad failed to deliver by a) showing me NO deals and b) not knowing that I was in Canada and not the US here.

So you can imagine my surprise and delight in seeing that the New York Times did indeed know I was in Canada. Not only that,  they even knew that I was in the Lower Mainland! Continue reading “Best Buy (& other big box retailers) – make sure your ads work!!!!”

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My metal-shard-in-chinese-bun experience: Why quality control is key

In hindsight, I could have gotten seriously injured in this experience.

Nevertheless, for the advancement of better user experiences, it illustrates my point succinctly.

I ate a char siu bau this weekend from Kam Do Bakery in Richmond – half way through my delectable appetizer I found, to my horror, a thin staple-sized piece of metal in the middle of my bun. (see the picture below, no dramatization here folks!!!)

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vicki: 37 signals? isn’t that the c++. ruby on higheels thing?

(watching startup school @ – vicki beside me knitting or crocheting)

jon: wow, next talk is by jason fried, the founder of 37 signals!!

vicki: what’s 37 signals again? that c++ thing?

jon: (smiling) yeah, yeah!

vicki: what was it? ruby something? ruby on high heels?

jon: rails baby. ruby on rails.

(break up laughing)

vicki: what??!!? do you now what this crochet pattern is? (showing me the blanket she’s working on)


vicki: sometimes, people who use technology are soooooo stuck up!

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seth godin’s world-changing idea: tribes

Seth Godin is amazing – his view on marketing as making something remarkable that will attract people vs. shoving it down their throats is such a breath of fresh air in today’s mass marketing culture. I swear, if I see one more “loose 50 lbs in a day” or “Google pays me $1520.34 /month” ad, or if I see other “internet marketers” boasting about how they use their blogs to make thousands a month, I might well lose it. Continue reading “seth godin’s world-changing idea: tribes”

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5to5000 a success in the end!!! Over $5000 was raised by Innovation Camp Teams

Monday, Oct 20, 2009 1:13 AM – As many of you know, our team was able to achieve over 1800% rate of return on the intial $5 (that’s almost $100 from $5 in only 2 hours!). However, what is more exciting is that together with the remaining Innovation Camp 2009 teams, we actually reached our outragous goal of $5000 in less than 7 hours!!! Check out Innovation Camp’s official Charity Challenge page for sponsors who donated and more info.

(top expert from

Presently – I’m working on a video trying to summarize the two hours in two minutes. Hopefully it’ll be done soon – if anyone wants to help give me a shout!