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You know my location!!!?!?!? THANK YOU MAGICJACK!!!

So I’m trying to get Google Voice working in Canada and I found a post which told me to use MagicJack.

What does any self-respecting, internet-plugged-in 23 year old do? check their website of course.

And here is what I’m met with:

Picture 11

From a purely design perspective, nothing overly spectacular. Same for user experience, except for one little thing I noticed. It told me, in a big bold banner that it would only take ONE day to ship to Vancouver.

Why am I pleasantly surprised by this?

First of all, I’m a fan of location-based experiences. Ever since location tracking on my iPhone it’s hard to go back physically typing my city and province into a website. Or, how many times have we gone to any of the major companies (Telus, Future Shop, Best Buy, are companies that painfully remind me of this every time i visit their sites) and had to click again and again and again, the first time we go, which country, city, or native tongue we speak.

The first obvious answer for a good “User Experience” is to do what Rogers has finally done, and remember what I clicked on last:

Picture 12

But of course, this involves cookies.

So I’ve always wondered, Wouldn’t it be so much easier if you just found out where my IP address was?

I mean, it didn’t seem that hard – seems to be able to know my approximate longitude and latitude, let alone my location and internet provider!!! (of course I deleted the exact IP Address and Latitue/Longitued for security reasons)

Picture 14-edted

Is it really THATTTT hard for a programmer to add that logic in? How many lines of code, like a couple?

  • get client’s IP address
  • plug it into ip2location
  • use that location

So, this is where gets a high five from me! Not only did it find my location automatically, it also told me how long it would take to send their package to my location!!!

Now my only complaint is that the banner looks so much a part of their site (ie. static), that it would be hard for me to KNOW that it was dynamically and intelligently made just for me. Now, is that a user experience point or a design point? What do you think?



Jon Chui (pronounced "chew") has been building iOS/Android apps for the last 7 years, the last 3 working on Google Maps, Inbox by Gmail and Google's Search App. Though he grew up in a Christian family and to parents who would end up giving up their 25 years of hard-earned comforts/affluence in Canada to go back to China as missionaries when he was 14, being a Christian was always in his head, and he would constantly struggle with trying to unify the sacred and the secular - until last year. However, through a radical transformation[] @ work last year (which he can't take ANY credit for), he & his wife & 2 young boys have decided to leave Google, sell/donate everything they have so to serve the poor & marginalized with Jesus’ love as missionaries with's Family DTS in Kona, hawaii then to the Philippines. Read more about their family journey @, and reach out to him @ If you're a recruiter with freelance jobs or have tech projects for jon feel free to reach out to him -

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