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Newspapers Are having an identity crisis

(fr my iPhone)

As I was browsing the Vancouver sun this morning, i saw a quick summary section.

This got me excited. How great to be able to see all the important stuff in one page without having to look for it?

Then I saw the online section below. One short sentence grabbed my attention.

“Nobel prize announced”

Now really what are they tying to get me to do? Go to vancouver sun online just to see what the Nobel prize in medicine is? Why not just google it, probably much faster!

Or even better why not just, hmmm , I don’t know,TELL ME, what the medicine was?!?! I’m still one of the faithful few who paid money to get your paper instead of getting my news online so why would you tell me to go online instead??

Sometimes I feel like users are the last ones considered in these decisions – I don’t have a problem with the sun encouraging me to check out their online site, nor do I have a problem withthem giving an inncentive (ie. A contest or something downloadable to your computer), but I do think it’s a problem to withold news, what I’m paying for, in order to get me online to see it.

It seems newspapers are realy having an identity crisis. Whenever there’s a decision being made, a good rule is to ask “how does this affect our users?”




Jon Chui (pronounced "chew") has been building iOS/Android apps for the last 7 years, the last 3 working on Google Maps, Inbox by Gmail and Google's Search App. Though he grew up in a Christian family and to parents who would end up giving up their 25 years of hard-earned comforts/affluence in Canada to go back to China as missionaries when he was 14, being a Christian was always in his head, and he would constantly struggle with trying to unify the sacred and the secular - until last year. However, through a radical transformation[] @ work last year (which he can't take ANY credit for), he & his wife & 2 young boys have decided to leave Google, sell/donate everything they have so to serve the poor & marginalized with Jesus’ love as missionaries with's Family DTS in Kona, hawaii then to the Philippines. Read more about their family journey @, and reach out to him @ If you're a recruiter with freelance jobs or have tech projects for jon feel free to reach out to him -

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