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vicki: 37 signals? isn’t that the c++. ruby on higheels thing?

(watching startup school @ – vicki beside me knitting or crocheting)

jon: wow, next talk is by jason fried, the founder of 37 signals!!

vicki: what’s 37 signals again? that c++ thing?

jon: (smiling) yeah, yeah!

vicki: what was it? ruby something? ruby on high heels?

jon: rails baby. ruby on rails.

(break up laughing)

vicki: what??!!? do you now what this crochet pattern is? (showing me the blanket she’s working on)


vicki: sometimes, people who use technology are soooooo stuck up!



Jon Chui (pronounced "chew") has been building iOS/Android apps for the last 7 years, the last 3 working on Google Maps, Inbox by Gmail and Google's Search App. Though he grew up in a Christian family and to parents who would end up giving up their 25 years of hard-earned comforts/affluence in Canada to go back to China as missionaries when he was 14, being a Christian was always in his head, and he would constantly struggle with trying to unify the sacred and the secular - until last year. However, through a radical transformation[] @ work last year (which he can't take ANY credit for), he & his wife & 2 young boys have decided to leave Google, sell/donate everything they have so to serve the poor & marginalized with Jesus’ love as missionaries with's Family DTS in Kona, hawaii then to the Philippines. Read more about their family journey @, and reach out to him @ If you're a recruiter with freelance jobs or have tech projects for jon feel free to reach out to him -

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