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Good job Google+ and YouTube integration!

For the longest time, I’ve always felt the collaboration between Google products was a bit, let’s say rough.

So you can imagine how I was super impressed this morning w/ Google, when i logged into my YouTube account, was met with this:

(EDIT: the original image i copied into wordpress, but wordpress did not upload it and instead returned a blank image.. so i found one online to use from Ron  – thanks ron)

It always felt a little awkward signing into youtube with my Google account, but still using my old youtube username (chewchewchewtrain – don’t ask)

I can’t get over how clear it is what is going on – I knew the second i saw it, without even reading the specifics, what was happening. For those who don’t, they can read the details in text a little more.

I also like how they easily allow you NOT to user your full name, since I can see a lot of people wanting to stick to their old YouTube username which they have become known for. I, however, don’t mind confusing the 1 or 2 people who follow my youtube account by linking it to my Google+ profile

Clicking Next, I got the 2 of 3 steps (again, very clear from the design of the top heading).

Look how great the red circles & arrows are @ distinguishing what specifically will change on your appearance. bonus points for using an actual video i uploaded!