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Please Rogers. Stop being Evil

I’ve been a Rogers customer for the last 12 years. no Joke. Almost half my life. I’ve been loyal to them through the ups & downs, and through broken promises, one person saying one thing & seeing on my bill another.

So, I got a new iPhone 5 on sep 21.

The best part, is they needed me to change to a new plane that cost 150% more and essentially gave me less. Wonderful.

Now, I want to make sure I don’t go over my “unlimited” 6 GB data plan.

However, when I use, they tell me that since I’ve made changes in the middle of my billing cycle, they can’t track it…. wait, what? really? there’s NO way you can track it?


So i use my iPhone’s built-in tracker, from Apple.

My iPhone 5 says I’ve used 7.9 GB of data (Settings | General | Usage). comes on the other day & suddenly says 18GB.

I call to dispute this, as i’m in the middle of my billing cycle & still need to use data, customer care says to talk to technical support. Technical support tells me they can’t do anything & need to talk to customer care about charges. This goes on 2 more times. I’m serious.

Finally, i talk to a manager in technical support who confirms they can’t do anything, cause nothing is technically wrong with the phone. I then go to a customer care agent, who “Transfers” me to a manager. i say this in quotes, because after waiting 15 minutes, the call drops. I call back in & do the rogers *611 dance & wait for a manager. 30 minutes later (no joke), “kelly” comes on & sounds like she will actually hear my problems.

Nope. She basically says this: is what they use. If i want to use an apple sanctioned “app” (no kelly, not an app. the o-p-e-r-a-t-i-n-g s-y-s-t-e-m), That’s my choice but they will always refer me to

I tell them i tried at the beginning, but didn’t work. And then suddenly jumped to 18GB, even though my iPhone says I used 7.9GB.


At my old data usage counter of $0.05 / MB, this equates to almost $600 in data overage charges… Not including my bell already.

Earlier, i had asked another customer care agent if they could just stop my data plan after i reached my max. They said no – they were not “legally” allowed to. Really?!?!

Finally, I also asked why i didn’t get a text message before my overage limits got hit, like i had for the past year. They said that was a priveledge to customers and that i shouldn’t rely on it.

Please rogers.
1) Listen to your customers – especially ones who have been with you for the last 12 years. you don’t want to put them in endless & useless call loops, where even managers don’t understand or empathize with
2) Up your technology, so users don’t lose data tracking the second they add something to their plan. Give them up to date (by the day) data usage, so they can see what they’re doing
3) take a hint from Google & Don’t BE EVIL. Not allowing customers to stop getting charged when they go over, or not giving them up to date information on their own usage, or not listening to them when their device usage (measured at the base level of the cell phone) differs from yours, is plain evil. You don’t get loyal customers who love your brand & share it with others. You get customers who write long posts about how fed up they are with you. You get customers, who at the first chance of a viable alternative will switch.