About Jon

One year ago, as a rising iOS/Android engineer @ Google [1], Jon’s ultimate dream was to make so much $$ that he could buy a private jet and never work again. No joke.

However, if you looked inside, his life was marked with selfishness, pride, lust, living for comforts & pleasure, and “living for Jesus” was dumbed down to 2 hours of church on weekends (trying to keep his mind on the sermon/worship and not on what to have for lunch, or his phone) and 2 hours of pontificating about God and the Bible @ mens’ group every other week. As an example of this selfish living (and just as icing on the cake) he was getting overweight & hit 195 lbs from his college low of 160 lbs.

Now, Jesus Christ has transformed his life inside and out, catalyzed through a brutal trial @ work; what he called the “hardest 9 weeks of my life”. Somehow, by God’s grace, those 9 weeks turned into the best 9 weeks of his life though.

God has broken him and caused him to come to a place where he no longer wants to build up his own kingdom (or his own jet), but is consumed with knowing Jesus, and building his kingdom.

He’s joyfully selling and giving away all his possessions to take his wife & 2 young boys (2 & 4) to follow Jesus around the world, first starting @ the YWAM Family Discipleship Training School for 12 weeks, then going to the Philippines to love/serve the marginalized and poor in Jesus’ name. After that, wherever God leads them

But that’s still only the outward acts – the most amazing change is what God has done inside his heart: Given him a whole new love and passion, patience with his kids, love for his Wife, ability to be selfless, and the best: a passion to know Jesus and make him known.

Whereas he would never cry/weep before, in the presence of Jesus, he becomes a complete baby and can sob uncontrollably – it’s kind of gross, but kind of amazing how God can do that.

Oh yeah. True story that when you put first HIS kingdom and HIS righteousness, all these things follow: he’s back down to 160 in weight, something unachieved for the last 10 years.

Come join the journey (and ask questions about how crazy & irresponsible he is to follow Jesus without any guarantees).


[1] Jon Chui has been doing iOS/Android apps for the last 7 years, the last 3 working on Google Maps, Inbox by Gmail and Google’s Search App at Google.


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