School Projects

UBC APSC 440: iFind – Personal Valuables Tracking (Online WebApp, Prototype, Photoshop)

  • Led a team of 5 to research, brainstorm & design a cutting-edge product, solving a real-world problem
  • Presented as finalist in TEC UBC’s “Bright Ideas 2009” competition, later approached by VC’s for funding

UBC APSC 479: Low Cost Eye-Gaze Tracking (C++, Visual Studio, Open Source libraries, SVN)

  • Led entrepreneurial efforts to create a low-cost method of tracking eye gaze with a laptop IR camera
  • Rolled out a prototype to track horizontal eye movements in real-time processed at 15 fps for under $40

UBC ASPC 459: Wireless Parking Lot Monitoring (ZigBee, C, Java AWT/Swing, NetBeans)

  • Conceived proof-of-concept innovative method to solve wasted time looking for parking spots
  • Projected revenue cost savings of up to 50%, included increased user satisfaction

UBC APSC 259: Autonomous Rescue Robot Competition (Interactive C, MIT Handyboard)

  • Spearheaded invention & design of wall-detecting, line-following, doll-collecting, autonomous robot
  • Individually recognized & invited to compete in final competition for uniquely innovative passive solution

For more, check out “Personal Projects” or my updated Resume.


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