Personal Projects

iPhone Apps

My first iPhone AppBeatMyRide: My First iPhone App. This was a great way for me to learn about the iPhone SDK, while creating an app that would help me calculate the fastest & average times on common routes (whether driving, biking, or running), & even race against my own fastest times! (iPhone SDK including Core Data, Sqlite, & Location Services, XCode 3.22 )

Controling my home lights with a simple iPhone appX10AtHome Remote. This app was a simple complemntary remote to my current home automation system and allows my lights to be controlled (turned on, off & even dimmed) via my iPhone. (iPhone SDK, calling PHP functions, apache web server running some PHP code to connect to the X10 USB module)

Check out my other school projects such as:

  • Low Cost Eye-Gaze Tracking (C++, Visual Studio, Open Source libraries, SVN)
  • iFind – Personal Valuables Tracking (Online WebApp, Prototype, Photoshop)
  • Wireless Parking Lot Monitoring (ZigBee, C, Java AWT/Swing, NetBeans)
  • Rescue Robot Competition (Interactive C, MIT Handyboard)

under “Technical Projects” in my Resume.


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